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img Nalisha Patel - Co-founder of Digital Fitness Marketer

Nalisha Patel is the Co-Founder of the HealthMastery Group.

She built one of Australasia's largest in-home personal training companies utilizing the power of the media.

Nalisha is a master when it comes to leveraging the media for free publicity.

She's been featured in over 67 print magazines and newspapers across the world, and has been featured in over five television appearances.

Features include;

Writing for Entrepreneur.com

Being featured on -The Huffington Post,
Australasia’s 'Wake-Up' Morning TV show,
Current Affairs TV Show, '60 Minutes', alongside life-hacker, Tim Ferris,
The Sydney Morning Herald,

Has interviewed health and business experts such as, Dr Mike Roizen, John Gray, and the late Dr. Stephen Covey.

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